Empowering your staff and students to understand, process, manage and prioritise their wellbeing to ensure they can perform to their best. 


School Services

Primary Education


Discovering wellbeing

This set of workshops will help pupils to understand their emotions, help them process what this means and be able to manage them more effectively. This will enable pupils to become more compassionate, kind, reflective, increase calmness and become more attentive.

After these sessions’ pupils will feel more connected to their emotions with a greater understanding of why we feel the way we do. They will feel able to stay present and keep attention for longer, this type of mental health education has also been proven to help executive functioning, a key indicator of academic performance.

These workshops are delivered as 6 x 30-minute sessions which will explore topics such as, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, mindfulness, meditation, and mindset.

Secondary Education

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Key Stage 3

Year 7

Is change a good or bad thing?

This workshop will help pupils understand changes within their life, process what change might mean to them, and help them to manage the feelings that surround changes that occur. This enables pupils to be more reflective in their feelings and take different perspectives of events that can occur in their life, in particular transition to a secondary setting, helping them to become more empathetic, compassionate, and understanding.

After this session pupils will feel clear on how to manage changes in their life. Including how to manage their emotions surrounding change, look at bigger picture thinking and how the change might fit into something bigger, and help them to feel confident with handling change in the future.

This workshop is delivered over 2 hours and will cover topics such as coping with transition, discussing how change can affect us, and emotions that may come up when change happens and how we can manage change in a healthy way.

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Year 8

Gratitude and the power of thanks


This workshop will help pupils understand the science behind gratitude and thanks, process how they can apply gratitude and thanks in their own life, and be able to manage their mindset through the power of gratitude and thanks. This enables pupils to work towards using a growth mindset and become more resilient in their attitude towards both school life and life in general. It helps build a community within the school of pupils who are kind, appreciative and thoughtful.


After this session pupils will feel empowered by what they already hold within their lives. They will gain a deeper understanding of how being thankful can change the way our mind works and live more positively.


This workshop is delivered over 2 hours and will cover topics such as the science of gratitude,

finding things to be grateful for, how we can apply gratitude every day and why showing gratitude is important.

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Year 9

Who am I

This workshop will ask pupils that infamous question of who I am? It will help them understand the power of being authentic and true to themselves, process what thoughts may be coming up for them at this time of their life, and help them manage becoming more confident in staying true to who they are in a positive way. This enables pupils to feel confident in whom they are, leading to more resilient learners and pupils who are more likely to take risks rather than keep themselves small.


Pupils will feel more confident in who they are after this workshop. They will feel that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to and understand that failure, setbacks, and upsets are learning opportunities. They will feel that they can be authentically themselves and stay true to whom they are without having to ‘follow the crowd’.


This workshop is delivered in 2 hours and will cover topics such as self-worth – what it means, how we build and cultivate it, the inner critic and the inner cheerleader, how we can love who we are, and how we can stay out of the comparison trap

Key Stage 4 & 5


Exam Buster Workshop

This intensive workshop is aimed to help pupils understand the emotions that surround school pressure, especially during exam time. It will help them process the emotions that they feel around this time at school, as well as give them practical advice and techniques as to how they can manage these feelings. This workshop will help pupils feel motivated to do well, feel calm and relaxed in the school environment and help them increase their attention and concentration.


After this workshop pupils will feel empowered and motivated to succeed due to being able to navigate the negative emotions and overwhelm that often accompany this phase of time within school. They will feel more calm moving forwards with their academic approach and in control of their learning.


The workshop is delivered in 4 hours and will cover topics such as mindfulness and meditation – the science behind them, morning routines, emotions and overwhelm, coping strategies and techniques, comparison and overcoming this, and the concept of progress not perfectionism.


1:1 and group work


I also offer 1:1 or small group coaching for pupils that require some extra intervention. This can be especially useful for those pupils who are not meeting their potential, are at risk from school expulsion, students who are showing anxiety, stress, or depression, struggling with transition, feel hopeless, feel they are not good enough, express their emotions via inappropriate behaviours.

Pupils will work on understanding their behaviour patterns and how to identify their triggers. They will become more confident in recognising and managing their emotions. They will feel empowered to be successful and delve into limiting beliefs and how these can be reframed. Through this intervention, pupils will become calmer, able to express themselves in an appropriate way and develop a growth mindset enabling them to become more positive within the school environment.

Those benefiting from group work will have a shared experience or be experiencing the same issues.

The cost for 1:1 and group work can be discussed as per needs of the school. 


"I found that Cheryl's bubbly personality made the sessions more comfortable and allowed us to feel free to communicate our thoughts and feelings freely. She was approachable and kind when we were communicating with her. I found that the breathing techniques that we were taught were very useful and I ended up using a few during my exams. Cheryl is a wonderful woman, and I am very grateful for all her support."

Lauren, Sixth Form Student, Kingswood Secondary Academy 

Staff wellbeing coaching 1:1


Up to 5 places per half term.


This is an opportunity for staff to work with me on a 1:1 basis. They will gain an understanding of where they are currently, where they would like to go and action how to get there.


They will be able to clearly process how their own wellbeing impacts all aspects of their life and will be able to manage all 4 pillars of wellbeing more confidently.

The sessions will run for 1 hour per week for 6 weeks and during this time topics covered could include mindfulness and meditation coaching, how to prioritise effectively, ensuring you lead a balanced life, stress management and goal setting.


These will be suited and adapted to each individual. Each member of staff will receive action plans and next steps after each session as well as email and WhatsApp support.

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Cheryl Claire Wellbeing can offer a service,  based on a contract that is bespoke to your school. This could be set out over a specific number of weeks or days.


If you would like anything specific from Cheryl Claire Wellbeing please do get in touch to discuss the options that are available to you. Due to this being a bespoke service to you, please ensure you get in contact with your requirements so that an accurate cost can be drawn up.

To discuss any of the services, please give me a call on  07538127258  or email me below

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