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Mindfulness Guides

Mindfulness can help not only our mental health but our physical health too, improving our overall well-being.


There are different methods, activities, and tools that we can use to develop our mindfulness practice. These can include physical activities that enable us to use our full attention, meditation, and breathing techniques.


These methods are the tools that will available to you when starting your journey to help you find your calm.

These guides are FREE to download when you subscribe to our site. 

They are full of information on how to calm and focus your busy life

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7 Day Mindfulness Guide for Children

7 Day Mindfulness Guide

It is always important to look after mental health, but now more so than ever!  Over the last year mental health has become more prominent and pushed to the forefront of a lot of conversations. Mindfulness is a great way to help with mental health and children, in particular, can really benefit. 

This guide will give you activities and exercises to try with your children, that will help both you, and them, become more calm, focused, and feel a little less chaotic.  There are 7 days worth of activities and exercises to try.

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Teen 7 day guide .png

7 Days of Mindfulness & Meditation

Life can be really hard when you are a teen, with school pressures, potentially work pressures, friendships, love, and all the hormones it can feel really overwhelming.


This 7 day guide will introduce your teen to mindfulness and meditation giving them some activities to complete and some explanation as to why it is helpful! 

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7 Days Of Mindfulness  (2).png

7 Days of Mindful Living

When life feels overwhelming and you can't seem to switch your brain off, the best thing to do is to stay present.


These 7 days of mindful living will give you all the techniques, hints, tips, and activities that you need to implement mindfulness into your daily life. 

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What are you feeling-1 cover.jpg

What are you feeling?

This offering is a workbook that will help you and your child(ren) recognise the emotion they feel when it gets a bit too much.

When emotions get too big for children they can often display as what is termed a 'tantrum'. This workbook will help your child recognise what emotion it is they are feeling and come up with ways to help them deal with them.


Work through the emotion wheel and the pages afterward to come up with a strategy together to help each other. 

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Self -Enquiry Meditation 


Self-Enquiry Meditation

This meditation is an opportunity to explore the question 'who am I?' I guide you through a meditation that will allow you to close off the hustle and bustle of everyday life and come inwards to find the answers. 

This meditation is a great starting point for anyone to look for who they truly are and find themselves again.