Cheryl Claire Wellbeing provides both online and in person, opportunities to help people understand, process, and manage their well-being. 


See below for more details on all current offerings 


Individual Services

1:1 Wellbeing Coaching for children and teens.

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This is an opportunity to work with me one to one in order for your child or young adult to understand, process and manage their overall wellbeing.

The sessions are designed around the needs of your child and will be bespoke to what you and they require, however, it could include; 

Understanding emotional wellbeing and what emotions are, 

Introduction to mindfulness and how to use it 

Introduction to meditation and how to use it

Strategies to reduce stress and anxiety 

Improving self-esteem and self-confidence 

Developing a growth mindset 

These sessions can be delivered in person and via online platforms. There are different levels of support available which are detailed below. 

Six week block £450
Payment plans can be discussed 

The 6 week programme is designed to dive deep into the issue that your child is presenting. I work with them to set a goal and help them to discover their true potential each week by prioritising their wellbeing. Please book in for a discovery call to discuss the needs of your child and book the 6 week programme 

1 hour of Wellbeing  - £99
This 1 hour session is designed to focus on a particular area that your child may need some help with. In this hour we will work towards finding the source of the issue and building up strategies to help them understand, process and manage it. 

Exam Busting Intensive - £125
This 90 minute intensive session is designed to help your child head into exams feeling positive, calm and relaxed. The session will focus on working to identify where the anxiety and stress that is being felt has derived from, then working together to find techniques that will enable them to feel more at ease. I work alongside them for 90 minutes to allow them to tap into their true potential and self belief, ultimately heading towards their exams with confidence.  

How to Boss Big School - £85 - (Available July and August only)
This 90 minute intensive session is designed to help your child navigate the transition between year 6 and year 7 with confidence. Changing schools can be a challenging time bringing with it a variety of concerns, anxieties and worries. In this 1:1 session we will work together to find where the anxieties lie, create ways to be able to manage those worries and allow them to step into school in September feeling confident, calm and collected. 


Cheryl, Thank you very much for coming to see me every week and helping me as much as possible. You have helped me a lot!

Client, aged 12


Jessica has enjoyed every session, and Cheryl's personalised approach ensured Jessica remained engaged. As parents we have seen a significant improvement in Jessica's wellbeing, confidence and ability to self manage her emotions (before they get to the tipping point). Cheryl, thank you for all you have done for Jessica (and us) . We have definitely turned a corner in the challenges and upset that impacted Jessica over the last 18 month. We highly recommend your services.

Adriana, Parent of client aged 6


After working with you I feel I spend less time fixating on the exams and you've given me techniques to help with that. You have also helped me to see I have other options, which I now feel more seriously about. 

Client, Aged 18 


I booked Cheryl for a session to help my child with her fear of the dark. It was incredible. Pitched perfectly at her level, beautifully interactive and I learnt so much about how best to help her. If there's an anxiety you think your little one would benefit from talking to someone about I can highly, highly recommend Cheryl 

Polly, Parent of Client aged 5

Clubs & Teams

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This offer is for a workshop for your youth club or sports team. The content can be tailor made to ensure that your young people are gaining the best knowledge possible about the links between their club, team or sport and wellbeing.


Cheryl Claire Wellbeing has worked with sports clubs to help their participants understand how to control emotions whilst performing, understanding self-talk and what they might look like (negative self-talk) but more importantly how we can overcome that, as well as many other strategies to aid understanding of the mental and emotional side of performance.


Wellbeing education is also available to other youth participant groups with the aim to help young people how they can build upon their social skills, build confidence, reframe thoughts and societal pressures and give them opportunity to have open discussions about difficult subjects.


We found Cheryl to be accommodating to all our different age groups (U11's, U13's, U15's and U17's) in splitting the session up and developing practical situations focusing on; ability to focus, emotional control, effort and determination and positive attitude). The ease of communication and knowledge of how to work with children was a pleasure to see. The session improved the experience of our members in various aspects of not just their sporting skills but life skills as well. We would not hesitate to work with her again to develop their wellbeing in sport further or recommend her to other clubs or schools.

Dale Page, Corby Dodgeball Club