Hiya I’m Cheryl, the person behind Cheryl Claire Wellbeing...



I set up this business to share my passion and calling; educating people to help them reach their potential by improving and prioritising their overall wellbeing.

After spending 12 years within the education setting as a teacher, and the latter part of my career as head of the Department for Physical Education, I suffered with my own mental health. After having a mental breakdown I reassessed my purpose and found that with my experience, skillset and knowledge I could continue to educate about my passion but in a completely different way. 

Cheryl Claire Wellbeing was born out of my own journey of improving my mental health and wellbeing alongside my desire for educating others about theirs. 

I have experienced first-hand the stress, demands and 

inability to switch off in the form of 'teacher life'. I have also witnessed first-hand the struggles that children and young adults face within education. I know how difficult it can be to balance life, struggle with emotional and mental health issues and try to carry on. This has all driven me to create Cheryl Claire Wellbeing  to help you understand, process, manage and prioritise your wellbeing to unlock your potential. 



I am a qualified mindfulness based cognitive behaviour therapist, dialetical behaviour therapist and life coach. I also hold diplomas in meditation teaching and mindfulness for children. I am a full member of The Complimentary Medicine Association; I hold a full DBS and QTS.


Cheryl has given me invaluable insights into my own wellbeing, my responsibilities as a manager, and my relationship with the team. She has also made a huge impact on the children, her work with them has been outstanding…..With every conversation we have I learn more skills and gain much more understanding.


Manager Corby Sports Dimensions

This lady is a game changer! Thank you, Cheryl, for giving over 150 children and 20 adult leaders, strategies to improve their mental health and wellbeing. You are amazing.


Director, Corby Sports Dimensions

I am grateful for Cheryl. She teaches us important lessons.


Aged 10

We found Cheryl to be accommodating to all our different age groups (U11's, U13's, U15's and U17's) in splitting the session up and developing practical situations focusing on; ability to focus, emotional control, effort and determination and positive attitude). The ease of communication and knowledge of how to work with children was a pleasure to see. The session improved the experience of our members in various aspects of not just their sporting skills but life skills as well. We would not hesitate to work with her again to develop their wellbeing in sport further or recommend her to other clubs or schools.

Dale Page,

Corby Dodgeball Club

Jessica has enjoyed every session, and Cheryl's personalised approach ensured Jessica remained engaged. As parents, we have seen a significant improvement in Jessica's wellbeing, confidence, and ability to self-manage her emotions (before they get to the tipping point). Cheryl, thank you for all you have done for Jessica (and us) We have definitely turned a corner in the challenges and upset that impacted Jessica over the last 18 months. We highly recommend your services.


Parent of client aged 6

Cheryl, Thank you very much for coming to see me every week and helping me as much as possible. You have helped me a lot

Client, aged 12